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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(morgan) hold on. no, no, no. didn't let me finish. what a terrible idea. ew. go to bed. should he stay or should he go. happening now san francisco's board of supervisors poised to vote on the future of san francisco's suspended sheriff. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the vote on suspended sheriff is coming to an end tonight finally. we begin with heather holmes
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who's been listening to the proceedings that are now on their 11th hour. >> reporter: frank i just came down from the second floor here at city hall and i can now tell you that we are minutes away from a decision in this headline grabbing case. right now each of the supervisors is stating on the record how he or she will vote. and right before i came down here it was one in favor of ousting ross mirkarimi, one against. all of this coming after supervisors heard from people and from attorneys on both sides of this case. >> the sheriff's misconduct was really quite serious. >> reporter: sherry kaiser told the supervisors tonight that their decision was easy. and that his guilty plea to
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misdemeanor. >> to protect victims of domestic violence. >> reporter: but mirkarimi's attorney disagreed and said that the incident had nothing to do with the sheriff. and that the mayor went over his authority when he suspended the sheriff. the legal explanation didn't take long but public comment stretched on for hours tonight. with the sheriff's supporters showing up in force. >> we store what has been stolen from0s -- from ross and the voters that elected him. >> you notice it's about 40 or 50 to one at least in terms of four rosss reinstatement. >> reporter: while outnumbered, antidomestic activists argued that it would be a conflict of interest for mirkarimi to
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resume his duty. >> i believe that public officials are trusted to hold the defendants responsibility. >> reporter: none of the 11 supervisors must vote in favor of many mirkarimi losing his job in order for him to lose his job. if the vote does happen during this newscast i will be sure to bring it to you live. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage picks up with debora villalon on the sheriff and major ed lee, debora. >> reporter: both men say they will be happy to see this over with tonight but that's all they agree on. as major lee keeps with his schedule, mirkarimi has been part of the spectacle. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi arrived with wife eliana and son theo announcing they had
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just come from an outing to a pumpkin patch. a sheriff car clutched in his son's hand. >> he did not do the things he's accused of in these trumped up charges. >> reporter: in the early hours of testimony, overflow rooms were set up for spectators to watch the proceedings. and hundreds of people lined up to speak, most taking mirkarimi's side. >> i don't think it should be influenced one way or the other. >> reporter: the supervisors he says shouldn't be swayed by public opinion. >> reporter: just the facts. >> we all should be held to a higher standard, no question. i've never shied away from that but it should not be unevenly applied. >> reporter: major lee tonight strayed from city hall to open the city's new target store as the testimony churned on. >> i know i made the right decision. >> reporter: still firm on
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firing the sheriff, lee says he hasn't counted heads and doesn't know if he has the votes among the supervisors. >> i refrain from doing that because it's not my responsibility to do it. i'm not looking at this as a political win or lose. >> reporter: if mirkarimi loses the vote tonight, there's talk that he'll go to court as his next step. but he tells me that his lost income and legal bills has left him destitute. debora villalon. >> eliana lopez was at his side throughout today's proceedings. she has long defended her husband and called the attempts to remove him from office, dirty politics. >> the real violence, i think the real assault that is happening here is from the mayor to the democracy. >> reporter: lopez says she and her husband have been overwhelmed and comforted from the support they've received from the people of san
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francisco. and she hopes the supervisors hear the message from those supporters. let's break down the situation, we think that these seven supervisors right here will likely vote against ross mirkarimi. that leaves cristina olagi, john avalos, campos and mar as the swing votes. all of them are progressives like mirkarimi and all of them are up for reelection. if they vote against ross mirkarimi, that could potentially cost them votes from their progressive base. but if these four votes for mirkarimi, domestic violence advocates would be furious and they have been very vocal in their demand that mirkarimi lose his job. something else to think about here, cristina olagi she was appointed by mayor ed lee who of course started the proceedings to remove mirkarimi from office so that puts her in an awkward position as well. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. our heather holmes is
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monitoring these proceedings. waiting for the vote to happen. and we will bring it to you as soon as they take that vote. new at 10:00, a father and his 18 -month-old toddlers are safe tonight thanks to some fast acting good samaritans. witnesses say a man drove into the trader joe's parking lot at about 5:45 this evening with flames and smoke shooting out of his car. one person near by helped the driver escape while two women sprang into action, once they learned there was still babies in the backseat. >> couldn't get the door open so i had to pull this baby from the window. another lady grabbed the baby from the other side and pulled that one out. >> reporter: police say no one was hurt. but investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that car fire. alameda county district attorney issued a report saying that the shooting death of alan blufford by police was justifiable and that no charges are going to be filed against the officer. in the early morning hours of
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may six, 18-year-old alan blufford was shot and killed by miguel maso. there had been a foot chase and according to the da's report. the officer said blufford turned and pointed a gun at him and that's when masso fired. officer masso explained that he took this shot because he believed that his life was in danger after making eye contact with mr. blufford. we tried to reach out o the blu fford family late today they declined to speak to us. the family and their attorney have disputed that blufford had a weapon. a tree fell across the tracks shortly before 5:00 tonight at church hill avenue. caltrans briefly stopped all amtrak trains then used a single track as crewed cleaned up the area. service was back to normal at 5:30. there was a big explosion
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at the fairgrounds in cayastoga. that crate of ether was found yesterday in a disaster supply stash. residents in nine near by homes were warned to either evacuate or stay inside. let's talk baseball play offs now. it was do or die for both the giants and a's today and both teams did it. staying alive in the race for the pennant. more on the giants coming up in four minutes. a's fans are celebrating the fact that there's going to be a fourth game in this series now. patti. >> reporter: that's right, this courtyard has cleared occupy considerably. but less than an hour ago it was a wash in green and gold. as rabid a's fans celebrated the win. a's fans at the stadium erupted as a double play ended the game
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and the oakland a's knocked out the detroit lions to stay in the series. tonight 2-0 win threw a curve ball in detroit's momentum forces a fourth game. >> the a's are winning and they might go to the world series. >> reporter: critics may have had their doubts but the players never did. >> we didn't work this hard to go 3-out. >> reporter: we caught up with team members before the game started they said they were counting on their fans to give them an edge. >> now you can call it a home advantage. >> reporter: not including the top level seats, this was a sell out crowd. 36,007 tickets sold. including 1,000 for standing room only. >> during the season 10,000 people, but now we have the fans out here to support us. >> reporter: tonight's win, part of the cinderella season for this group of underdogs, under estimated before tonight. >> people wanted to count us
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out early. >> it's a bunch of no name players that have -- >> reporter: the game tomorrow night starts at 7:30. i checked the a's website. there are no individual tickets but there are a few suites left for 18 people for the postseason price of about $3,400 for the night. reporting live in oakland, patti lee. >> those fans behind patti were pretty funny. fans unfortunately never got in. they stood in a long line the problem is they had the wrong tickets. they had tickets for home game number three. but tonight's game was home game number one. as you might imagine they were pretty upset. >> definitely a bit of misleading information for the fans here. and as you can see there are hundreds of people lined up. sorry, i think there's a lot of angry fans here tonight. >> the oakland a's say major league baseball requires them to print tickets before they know exactly when or where
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they'll be playing so the tickets have to indicate home game on them. the giants 1-2. we will take you to cincinnati to tell you what went through the players mind as they claw their way through victory. the unspoken aftermath. the bay area group battles to get justice for the victim. >> poor little guy. the dramatic rescue of a sea lion on peer 31. pier 31. 's awesome. three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome.
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four. you'll actually be awesome, which is awesome. t.j.maxx and marshalls. two awesome ways to score.
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developing news now from san francisco. we -- we are continuing to monitor that ruling. giants were in a must win situation tonight. a loss against the cincinnati reds would have ended their play off dreams. but as joe fonzi reports now from cincinnati, the giants managed to pull off a nail biter winning in extra inning. >> reporter: sports is often described as a -- for life. gutted it out and allowed only one run. >> i knew i had to keep getting pitching.
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>> for him to not give in was pivotal for him to come in the second, third, fourth, fifth inning and shut them down as quick as he could. >> reporter: then there was pe -- pence with a slider to the third. knowing there was no one on the bench who could replace him, he stayed with pain. >> maybe that really helped me back. i couldn't move my leg. >> reporter: tomorrow the giant's hope hence who wasn't everyone included in the postseason roster, barry zito. >> it was tough in 2010 watch my boys go all the way and not being able to help out with that. it's just part of the team comradery is to want to contribute. >> reporter: last night's motto was simple, win or go home. they won. but the formula for tomorrow remains the same.
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in cincinnati, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. it's not over till it's over. giant fans are thrilled tonight after watching their team step up to the plate and ward off elimination. >> i've been a fan for my whole life and we deserve it. and finally this year we're playing like we're going to win it and i'm hoping for battle of the bay. >> giant's fans packed into bay area restaurants and bars to root for the orange and black. many fans say know that the team has this win under their belt there's no stopping them. coming up a little later in sports. more on the a's and giant's reversal of fortunes. mark ibanez will have all the highlights. jerry sandusky was sentenced to 30 years in prison today for sexually abusing 10 boys. sandusky insisted he is innocent and said he was the victim of a conspiracy. and he denied committing what he called these alleged disgusting acts.
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three of his accusers also spoke out on the abuse. he says he does plan to appeal. coming up at 10:30, who's south bay case made headlines here in the bay area. he talks to ktvu about jerry sandusky's sentencing. a new survey out tonight from the public policy institute of california finds millions of the californians are not prepared to vote in the upcoming election. 27% of eligible adults are still not registered to vote. of those registered 43% are democrat, 35% are registered as republican. 21% are independent and the majority of those voters say they are likely to go democrat rather than republican. >> if you still need to register the deadline is october 22nd.
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how will you vote? take our election quiz to help you decide. like ktvu channel 2 news on facebook and you will find the presidential election quiz. some people in san francisco are trying to help. in a story you will see only on 2. john fowler speaks to two teenage victims of rape. >> reporter: amidst haiti poverty, disease,i've learned there's widespread raping of at least 6,000 refugee children. >> i was raped by three young men who live in the same camp with me. >> reporter: i spoke by skype and translator today with two 17-year-old rape victims. >> i know the rapists, i gave them his name but they did not come to our help. >> reporter: daniel documented
10:19 pm
rape cases and is now helping prosecutors but daniel told me in the last two days rapists began retaliating, burning his tent, threatening threatening him and his patients. >> some of them went to kill the girls who were raped and came to my association. >> reporter: they provide money, training and work books like this one intended for earthquake victims now being used for rape victims. >> we want this to be an example which stops the raping of girls and women in refugee camps. >> reporter: dr. climan says since daniel pressured prosecutors police have arrested 50 serial rape suspects but more than 120 others remain at large. >> many girls are in danger of retaliation. >> reporter: and told me she
10:20 pm
fears for her life. >> dr. daniel is already hiring guards to protect the victims who come forward. but he can't do it without much more financial help. >> reporter: dr. clyman is asking the red cross to add protection to food and shelter provided refugees. john fowler, ktvu news. >> at we have posted a link to the children's psychological help center with information on how you can help. just look for the link on our web page section. live storm tracker two picking up actual rain right now in san jose. spinning moisture from the south. i've had showers, i'm getting reports of rain on the ground puddling. so right in this area you can see it from mountain view to redwood city. this whole area is working its way, it's a small area but it's working its way up toward san
10:21 pm
francisco. so i'll keep track of that as we go through time. we will talk about a chance for more sprinkles or showers as we head into tomorrow. i'll see you back here. there were cheers, even a few barks this evening as target held its new ribbon cutting in san francisco. >> one, two, three. >> the store takes up the entire second floor on fourth and mission street. target says it has tailored its producting offering smaller packages of items so people don't have to haul 40 pounds of dog foot on muni. that store is scheduled to open for business tomorrow. what chevron reveal about getting their refinery back online. >> to help rescue this sea lion, activists first had to
10:22 pm
get him into a net. we'll show you this operation.
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10:24 pm
tourists in san francisco were treated to a dramatic rescue on pier 39 this afternoon. rob roth tells us how an injured sea lion had to be captured in order to save its life. >> reporter: sea lions often sun themselves here on pier 39 but this sea lion had something around its neck and an s.o.s. went out to the mammal center. >> they are deadly. because these guys are real curious and nose it and then get it on as a collar. they get it on when it's little and they wear it and grow into it. >> reporter: until it chokes
10:25 pm
them. rescuers decided to shoot a tranquilizer to get it drowsy. and when the sea lion was safely in the hands of the rescuers. the crowd of spectators was relieved and grateful. >> they did a great job and i'm so happy it's going to be safe. >> reporter: rescuers got the sea lion into a crate and took him to the marine mammal center in sausalito. the injured sea lion is expected to stay the next two to three days at the mammal center and if it's okay, it will be returned. they also saw a second sea lion with netting around its neck. they plan to return to rescue it too. as for the sea lion with the packing trap. it spent the rest of the day sleeping in the afternoon sun. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. chevron announced today
10:26 pm
part of its richmond refinery will remain offline through the end of the year. officials says that due to the large fire that erupted there on august 6th in the crude unit. chevron says the fire and the closure of that unit are a major part of the reason chevron's u.s. oil production decreased by 92,000 barrels a day in its third quarter compared to the second quarter. gas prices inched up again hitting another record high in california. aaa says the average cost for a gallon of gas in california is $4.67. that's up less than a sent from yesterday. but in oakland the price fell .2 of a cent to $4.68 a gallon. a man arrested at l.a.x. who was wearing flame retardant pants is accused of carrying weapons and other suspicious objects into the united states.
10:27 pm
wan harris was arrested on friday and appeared in court briefly today. they found a smoke grenade, a gas mask, knives and a hatchet in his luggage. he was picked up after he returned to the united states from japan. he is an american citizen. the driver of an suv speeds through a crosswalk and hits three people and one of the victims is being called a hero for what she did to save a child. former penn state coach jerry sandusky and sentenced for molestation charges you will hear what an area man who has victimized himself thinks of the outcome. we will update our developing news from san francisco city hall. we now have an idea of how that vote could fall. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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back now to developing news and the city hall vote on whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will get to keep his job. heather holmes is back with us with an indication of how that vote will go. >> reporter: it will appear that ross mirkarimi will be able to keep his job after all. just moments ago a third supervisor, supervisor john avalos said that he tonight will be voting to reject the ethics commission to remove mirkarimi. that means there are simply not enough votes to permanently remove mirkarimi from office as the mayor had suggested and as the ethics commission had suggested. again all of this stemming from that domestic violence incident involving his wife eliana lopez. both eliana and mirkarimi are sitting inside the council chambers both of them smiled once supervisor avalos announced that news. it is a victory for ross mirkarimi.
10:31 pm
we will be here following the official vote which will be happening in the next five to 10 minutes. by all accounts a victory for ross mirkarimi and his attempts to stay on the job as san francisco sheriff. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. after a whirlwind trip to the golden state. president obama headed off to his next campaign stop. while in the bay area the president raised 9-1/2 million dollars. his campaign is on track to raise $1 billion. if that goal is reached it would be a first for any candidate in the united states. former president bill clinton campaigned for two east bay congressmen today at uc davis. >> we don't need any lectures on self-reliance, what we need is a road map to a brighter future and these guys will give it to you. i want you to vote for all of
10:32 pm
them. they represent america. >> reporter: mr. clinton is endorsing john gerimendi and jerry mcnerney. he's also backing berra and hernandez as they try to unseat gop congressmen. about 3,000 students and supporters attended today's rally. janine de la vega joins us now live from san jose after talking with one man who is at the center of a high profile sexual accuse case here in the bay area. janine. >> reporter: julie i spoke with will lynch who says he was molested as a child by a priest. now this summer lynch faced charges here at this courthouse for taking revenge on that former clergymen. today he shared his opinions on
10:33 pm
the sandusky case. >> reporter: lynch comes across as a very educated young man. >> harking back to my own abuse. what i found particularly dispushing was sandusky's demeanor. his denial, his laughing and shurking it off, like this is all a misunderstanding. >> reporter: the judge sentenced him to at least 30 years in prison. >> we're pleased to a sentence. it was a life sentence but it was a lot less than we thought it could have been. >> personally i would have liked the statement if the judge had given him everything he could have given him which i think it is 425 years. >> reporter: lidner the man who lynch says abused him was never tried in court. lynch is now working with the santa clara district's attorney office and his web page nonprofit to change the law.
10:34 pm
>> i think if we can repeal the statute of limitations and these people can be brought to justice, 30, 50 years down the line that's the biggest deterrent for these guys. >> reporter: lynch says the best way to repeal the statute of limitations is by putting the issue on the ballot and letting the voters decide. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, channel 2 news. the coroner released the name of a suspected car thief that was shot and killed by hayward police last friday. the man was identified as 21- year-old shaw of hayward. police say shaw was in a stolen car friday morning when officers told him to raise his hands. they say he refused then reached for a weapon. that's when officers opened fire. police have not released any information on shaw's weapon and they have not said how many shots were fired. a santa cruz man is due back in court this week to face misdemeanor manslaughter charges in connection with a
10:35 pm
boat cash in the bay. the crash led to the death of trong. investigators say larson was reckless. the next court date is now set for friday. a man who graduated from uc berkeley is the 2012 noble prize winner for physics. david wyland was invended the prize for inventing methods to observe tiny particles. wylang shares the prestigious award with another man. the 14-year-old shot sends shock waves. we'll tell you who she is and why she was targeted. and live tracker 2 picking
10:36 pm
up showers. and the teenager accused of stealing the car of a famous chef appears in court. what prosecutors say led to the crimes. we don't call this our company,
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marin county prosecutors began presenting the evidence against the teenager accuse of celebrity chef's lamborghini. this was day one of a preliminary hearing to determine if max wade should stand trial. two teenagers testified that wade tried to kill them as he pulled up on a black motorcycle and fired shots at them. wade was upset that a girl had broken up with him. wade's attorney would not comment on the case but he said this. >> he is doing fine. as well as any other 17-year-
10:39 pm
old in this stressful situation would be. >> reporter: wade is also charged with stealing guy fieri's lamborghini. we are learning more tonight about a body that was discovered wrapped in cloth in the back of a car in oakland. an autopsy has reportedly determined the man died from gunshot wounds. his name hasn't been released. the body was found in the backseat of a car parked on richie and olive. police say it appears the body had been in the car for a while. in news of the world tonight. in pakistan a 14-year-old girl who has spoken out against
10:40 pm
taliban was shot. officials gunned down one of the most feared leaders of the zeta cartel near the border with texas yesterday. then hours later a bizarre twist to this story. a grouped of armed men stole the body of umberto lozcano from a mortuary. and in columbia, at least 19 people were seriously injured during an amateur bullfight. about 10 others were hurt but not as badly. many of them had been drinking before they jumped in the ring and started taunting the bulls. it is condemned by animal rights activists. word of the continued economic slump sent the stock markets down today. the dow lost 110 points. nasdaq dropped 47. this comes after the international monetary fund says it expected weaker world economic growth. a lawsuit against san francisco based wells fargo is just one of 530 lawsuits filed
10:41 pm
today alleging mortgage fraud. the u.s. attorney filed the lawsuit on behalf of the housing administration. it alleges the bank made reckless loans. the bank released a statement that said it acted in good faith and in compliance. wal-mart is said to test the same day delivery for the holidays. the move comes as the company tries to stay competitive. the service will require a minimum order of $45 and applies to 5,000 popular items. a string of deliberately set fires is setting a neighborhood on edge. whoever is setting those fires is getting bolder. >> bill martin is tracking lightning right now in the bay area. his complete forecast plus the chance for some rain coming up. and live pictures from southern california, we are going to tell you about a massive fire fight that are under way right now. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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developing news now, we want to show you live pictures from southern california where firefighters are battling a large building fire right now. you can see that the flames have burned through the roof there. this is all happening in the echo park area of los angeles. if you're familiar with the l.a. area that's not far from dodger stadium. we understand several lanes of highway 101 are also blocked as firefighters right now battle these flames. fire investigators in san jose say nearly eight fires may be related. the latest fire burned in west san jose last night. fire captain says at least eight similar fires have burned since september 28th in that same area. so far none of the fires has spread to buildings but fire investigators are still
10:45 pm
concerned. three people injured including a school crossing guard after an suv careened out of control. it happened on delta fair boulevard. ann rubin talked to the 11-year- old who's mother may have saved her life, by sacrificing her body instead. >> reporter: she has broken legs and ribs, kidney damage. her family calls her a hero for what she did. >> she saved her son's life. to prevent him from getting him and she got struck. >> reporter: david burton had gone to work with his mom. he was right next to her when it happened. >> the car was [screeching ] then my mom ran to me and pushed me out of the way. >> reporter: an out of control suv plowed into the crowd and
10:46 pm
plowed into them. another person star bronson suffered serious injuried to her face and shoulder. she had just finished dropping off her daughter. they think alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. two men were in the car, though one of them remains at large. >> you just hit someone and you just leave the scene. that's really wrong but i'm praying for them too. >> reporter: both victims have been in and out of surgery today. and the family say while the prognosis is good it will be a long road ahead. >> it's one step at a time. the doctors said this is something serious but it's going to be a long haul and we're in for the long haul. i know that god is good. >> reporter: bronson's family tells us her first surgery was successful though she remains heavily sedated. kennedy's family tells us she has another surgery scheduled
10:47 pm
for tuesday. more details. we learned contra costa streets are more dangerous than you think. 250 pedestrians were either killed or injured by motor vehicles in 2010. that is less than the number reported in 2006 but it works out to be an average of four people hit or killed per week. an employee from yosemite national park has been found. the national park service confirmed that jessica rose garcia was located this afternoon in a rugged area near the merced river. she disappeared following an orientation meeting for her new job saturday. park officials say she needed to be air lifted to the hospital but her injuries are not considered serious. she was hiking during the day and was considered missing when she did not show up for work on sunday. download the ktvu app. click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device.
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>> at first it looked really intriguing. a shiny object seen on mars. then nasa decided it was just a piece of plastic that fell off the rover. scientists said it is not martian material. curiosity is on a mission to try and find signs of life on mars. if you think jelly fish only live in the ocean, think again. a swarm of fresh water jelly fish is blooming in the san joaquin river. these jelly fish are only about the size of a penny. they aren't the same species as the ones found in the ocean. and the last time they were seen in the san joaquin river was back in 2007. if you're on the central peninsula you're hearing thunder and lightning. we've had one cell north. let's take a look where it is right now. see the yellow area right here
10:49 pm
that's the san mateo bridge. the cell is dying down. we're going to show you the motion of it in the last few hours. we're going to back it to san jose. right about here you can see in mountain view it's starting to develop. this is about 45 minutes ago. you can see the system as it moves north. you see it turning red. that's when it developed into a basically a thunderstorm. we had reports of thunder and lightning. very loud thunder. as we moved to the current time. you see how it's dissipating you see more red and less yellow. the system as it moves to san francisco is begining to die down but nothing before depositing some rain. the system is going to go this way over the next 30 minutes or so it'll move into san francisco. hard to say but most likely that one cell will die down but definitely waking some folks down on the peninsula. this is an unusual system or tough system to forecast.
10:50 pm
we've been calling for rain for really the last few days. chance of rain, chance of rain. it's because this system keeps sitting offshore. looks like it's made a move to the south and east. that's what brought this activity. you can see it spinning around. the computer model wants to bring in more showers. here we are about 4:00 a.m. you can see some shower activity. very similar to what we saw. a little toward s era toga. this is at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. as we get into the afternoon hours, boom see again right here. there's another chance for showers and thundershowers. the thundershowers is what worries me because of the timing and the chance of a lightning strike in the santa cruz mountains. this is 4:00 on wednesday. that's where this goes. looks like we have more scattered showers possible tonight. that one sell starting to -- one cell starting to die down. folks along the peninsula in
10:51 pm
the south bay i've had reports of showers out in south moon bay. we will see showers in san francisco probably in the next 15 to 20 minutes i suspect from that cell that the lightning should be dying down. the forecast highs tomorrow then just like today. just not a bad day right, plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds. but that chance of a shower as you saw on the computer model is going to stay in the forecast as we saw tonight. 74 in napa, 70 in vallejo. 60 in richmond and mild temperatures very similar to what we had today. in the santa clara valley we had mild temperatures, 73 in gilroy. again this is unstable weather pattern. feels like san diego weather. where you get an isolated cell moving up and training up into the bay area. we don't often see systems like this. sort of unusual. with that said that one should be dying down. a few sprinkles in our
10:52 pm
forecast. we'll be monitoring this. steve paulson will be in. tomorrow afternoon we may see some more. >> thanks, bill. >> okay. we now have word of a vote in the case of san francisco's sheriff. what we learned right after the break. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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10:55 pm
hall in san francisco on that vote concerning ross mirkarimi's future. our heather holmes tells us suspended sheriffross mirkarimi will be able to keep his job. that vote came just a few minutes ago, seven supervisors voted for mirkarimi to lose his job falling two votes short of the required nine to actually remove him from office. again at this hour the headline here, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job after getting a vote from four members of the board of supervisors just a few minutes ago. >> stay with ktvu with continuing coverage. we're gathering reaction and we'll have it for you on the morning news. mark ibanez joins us now. a really great night for a's and giants fans. >> after the weekend both had. scores nearly identical today but the giants and a's taking
10:56 pm
different routs to keep the season alive. giants by virtue of an extra error. while the a's flawless. even up in the stands, they were looking tight as home cooking does them right. cespedes in the very first- inning off sanchez. base hit cleanly to center. brings forth coco and a 1-0 lead. on the mound for the a's. bret anderson six slick shut out innings which could not have happened without coco and making up for that big boo boo on sunday. beautiful catch prince fielder had another on the board. seth smith over yonder. the a's bullpen absolutely flawless. look at chris fielder again. robbed in left center. this time by cespedes and a
10:57 pm
beautiful 2-0 victory with fred inglis in the clubhouse after the game. >> i was able to make a pitch and defense was awesome. >> it doesn't make up for making a mistake the previous game. it helps me confidence wise. i can't take away what happened in that game. it's unfortunate. i am very grateful that i was able to make a play that impacted the game today for the good. >> winning ain't always pretty but it counts just the same. giants still hitting the art of hitting a baseball like a very foreign concept. for tonight any way, nobody minds if you're a giant fan. first-inning ryan vogelsan a little shaky. red's rbi leader bruce all mighty. jay bruce 1-0. vogelsan settles
10:58 pm
in. giants tie it on a sacrifice fly. hunter pence to make sure things didn't get worse. giants giants two on, two out. just enough time for arias to make the throw. turns out to be the game winning pitch. >> i am just happy he was able to pitch tomorrow. he was off the 2010 postseason roster. we wouldn't be here without barry the way he threw the ball this year. >> this is the enbodiment of team. we play as a team. you saw that today. you saw the defense and a lot of people chip in with a little bit here, a little bit there and pitching was huge. pitching and defense.
10:59 pm
the giants early tomorrow, 1:05 start in cinci. same scenario win or go home. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. and they probably would do a lot of that if it happens but got a good feeling about it. >> back in business. >> you got it. >> thank you, mark. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news will begin at 4:30. of course they will be following the vote to allow ross mirkarimi to get his job back as sheriff. and we always have your news on


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